Couple Support Center (CESCA)


The Couple Support Center (CE.S.C.A.) specializes in advising couples in relational conflict, couples who are separated or in the process of separation, and individual members of couples who have recently separated.

The interactive path proposed by CE.S.C.A. aims to resolve the conflict in couple relationships as soon as possible to restore balance and improve the quality of life of the individuals involved, in their relations as parents, as members of the couple and as individuals after separation. The benefits of this intervention have repercussions not only on the participating individuals but also on the development of the children involved. Central to the success of the services offered is the activation of personal resources and resilience. A maximum of eight meetings with consultants, mediators and psychotherapists at CE.S.C.A. take place in the small sitting rooms at the Health Care Center for the Elder (CESA), in via Álvaro del Portillo 5. The center also offers its services to individuals who have been victims of violence, have suffered abandonment or for other reasons present symptoms of post-traumatic stress (anxiety, insomnia, depression).

The services are provided through the private care channel at reduced rates.

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